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FIA arrests two under cyber crime bill

LAHORE: Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has detained two men under the cyber crime act for blackmailing girls after making their immoral videos.

Cyber crime wing of FIA conducted raids in Harbanspura and Shadbagh area of Lahore and detained Junaid and Khurram. The videos were also taken into custody from the alleged blackmailer guys. The suspects used to make immoral videos of girls and used them for blackmailing the girls alongwith their families and also demanded money.
Case has also been registered against both suspects under the cyber crime act.

Earlier, a lady named Sadia Mirza, was detained by FIA from Sialkot upon blackmailing a London resident. Sadia was the first to be detained under the cyber crime act on charges of blackmailing a London resident, Ahsan Raza.
A case had been registered against the lady according to the the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act, 2016 – clauses 20 (1) and 24(b)(c).

The federal government had taken the initiative of cyber crime bill to control the social media activities in Pakistan and to ensure online security of its citizens.
Some of the salient features of the Cyber Crime Bill are:

  • Up to six months prison, Rs50 thousand or both for producing, making, generating, adapting, exporting, supplying, offering to supply or importing a device for use in an offense.
  • Up to three years prison, Rs5 million fine or both for obtaining, selling, possessing, transmitting or using another person’s identity information without authorization.
  • If your identity information is used without authorization, you may apply to the authorities to secure, destroy or prevent transmission of your information.
  • Up to seven years, Rs10 million fine or both for intrusion with critical infrastructure information system or data with dishonest intention.