Fever Of TikTok Musically App.

"Musical.ly" taking the Internet by Storm


Pakistan is a fun loving nation and they always find different ways to entertain themselves and others.

Over the last few years in Pakistan, we have seen so many apps going viral on social media platforms, from video messaging applications like ‘Dubsmash’ to short-form video clips called ‘Vines’.

Although all of these did not last for long, sooner or later another app comes and takes over, and everyone goes crazy after it, forgetting the older ones.

Recently, there is an app named ‘TikTok Musical.ly’ which has taken the social media network by storm! For those who have just come out of their nests should know about this app.


Basically, it’s an app that lets you create short videos with famous dialogues or songs of different popular movies playing in the background, while you lip sync with it. It’s super fun and easy to use.

Moreover, it allows you to follow other people, send private messages to them and even like or share their videos.

In a nutshell, if you will take social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram and combine it with karaoke app you’d get Musical.ly.

Co-creator of Musical.ly “Zhu” says he has been observing the lifestyles of American teenagers who love music, videos and social media, and decided to combine all three in one package.

Many Pakistani Actors are also seen using this app and uploading there videos on social media. Recently “Nimra Khan” a Pakistani model, actress and director uploaded her video using the same app.