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Female Genital Mutilation, Taboo that nobody would ever discuss!

Female genital mutilation is a practice being carried out over the decades in some areas of the world and it is taboo to discuss in real thus this is the most horrific act ever!

As a young baby girl you have been taught all your life to behave, to be more shy than boys, to sit in specific positions, not to play few games as they can hurt the girls privates and most interesting thing is you abide them without questioning.

Imagine being a shy girl who wouldn’t undress in front of her parents being taken to a dark room in an alley in the Bohra Community, stripped out of her underpants by an elderly woman, being tied or held down and then having her clitoris they cut off?

Horrible and unreal it sounds , it is a practice that is actively carried out in not only Africa and rarely in Pakistan and India as well. It is something that people don’t talk about, but our young girls have to live with it all their lives.

Does it have any scientific or religious reasons? No. Female genital mutilation has absolutely no ties to either science or religion but is masquerading under both breaking all laws and violating the future of our young girls without their consent. The sad part is that it isn’t something the society has done to women but is something that women are doing to their own selves.

Allah has created His creation by His own choice and also guided what humans need to do what not.

Young girls between the ages 5 to 8 are subject to this practice in the Bohra communities all around the world. The only reason this practice is common is that it reduces a woman’s sexual desire so that she may stay faithful to her husband, doesn’t lose her virginity out of wedlock and stays on the right path. Sounds immoral, doesn’t it?

The women who has zero experiences they are playing with the lives of young girls without owning any medical certificates.  They do this to young girls without any care or anesthesia.

This way poor innocent souls that don’t even know right from wrong become subject to severe bleeding, excruciating pain, shock, inability to pass urine and when the infections get out of control: death.

The important thing is Bohra is keeping this secret hidden from all over the world but now this is the time of new, well educated and literate generation. Now, women are speaking up about the injustice that was done to them when they were too little to even know.

You won’t see people posting about it because most people, even now, have simply turned a blind eye to an issue that is dominating the lives of many young girls.

Although Islam allows circumcision of men and it is an event highly celebrated in families all around the world, there is no say about doing such a thing to young girls when they are old enough to feel the pain and to remember it.

Raise your voice instead of taking anything like this as Taboo!

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