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FC guard apologises for assault

KARACHI: Hours after video footage indicated him fiercely attacking K21 journalist Saima Kanwal, Frontier Constabulary (FC) monitor Hassan Abbas has apologized for his action.

Conversing with Khabaristan Times in the wake of turning into an overnight VIP, Abbas said that looking through his online networking accounts made him understand there was no defense for his activities.

“I understood there was no defense for what I did, in the wake of perusing the legitimizations given by my supporters for my sake,” the FB monitor said. “I saw my supporters and theological rationalists going to extraordinary lengths to shield me, and nobody would do that in such immense numbers in Pakistan in the event that I hadn’t accomplished something incorrectly.”

Abbas included that while the reasons made for his benefit were run of the mill, he was enjoyably astounded to have such a wide supporters’ base.

“Not just were the typical presumes energizing for me, numerous recent liberal fascists were likewise participants. I feel regarded. I don’t think anybody has figured out how to summon such an ideologically different fan-base since Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah,” he said.

The FC monitor uncovered that his most loved reasons were media related, and not focused on sexual orientation elements.

“I mean since she was upsetting, agonizing and amateurish – which she was – does not imply that I should’ve hit her,” he said. “In the event that individuals were getting smacked for being insufferable, lion’s share of the populace in Pakistan would get a day by day smack down.”

Abbas rehashed he was sad for his activities, and expressed gratitude toward his supporters for indicating him light.

“There is positively no legitimization for what I did, no uncertainties and butts,” he focused. “Also, I’d like my fans to do likewise and forgo highlighting the alleged incitements when any demonstration of brutality is submitted.”