Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan stands with the Journalist Community

Provincial Minister of Punjab claims Media Houses are Lying

Lahore: Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan stands with the journalist community against media houses.


During the Assembly meeting earlier today, Provincial Minister of Punjab, Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan stated that he is with the journalist community and media workers who are being fired by media houses for various reasons.

Media houses are firing their employees under the pretext of salary deductions and lack of advertisements, however, they are receiving advertisements, claims Fayyaz ul Hassan.

He further asked the journalist community to lodge their complaints with DGPR, stating that he will refer to DGPR himself as well.

According to sources, the Provincial Minister further stated that the media house managements are lying about not getting advertisements. It is an excuse to fire employees.

I have taken a personal interest in the matter and addressed the issue with the owners of the media houses, Resident Editor, and Bureau Chief Reporters to ensure the making of an advertisement policy that will hopefully be handed over to the Chief Minister by tomorrow.

Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan Provincial Minister of Punjab

He stated further that he has not reduced finances for any channel or media house.

If any working journalist has not received salary for the last 2 or more months, they should report the matter to DGPR. We will not provide advertisements to such channels or media houses which continue to not pay their employees. We will not provide them advertisements till we receive update that their employees have been paid, stated the Provincial Minister.

If media houses continue to down-size you will find the Minister of Information standing with you he claimed.

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