Fauzia Kasuri Divorced PTI to Join PSP

By Maryam Iraj

In a bid to change Pakistan, one of the founding members of PTI, Ms. Fauzia Kasuri, resigned from the party and joined Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) led by Mustafa Kamal.

PSP is a political party with high-aims yet representative of the middle-class, specially of women.It is representative of those who are less-privileged and highly deserving. Kasuri, being a Karachite, took it as a better shot to fight in general elections from Karachi with PSP.

According to a source, she had many offers from the major parties of Pakistan: PML-N and PPP, but she felt reluctant to join either of these, as they, she feels ,are responsible for loot and plunder in Pakistan.

Ms. Kasuri was lately in the news for her concerns over the existential threat of PTI. According to Kasuri, the journey which started with a vision to challenge the status quo on merit and with determination is no more the same with PTI.   She sent her resignation to Chairman PTI, Imran Khan, which Khan officially accepted.  Kasuri also shared her resignation on Twitter with her followers. .

Few months ago, Kasuri cried like a baby in public for parting ways with PTI:

“It should come as no surprise to you that I have decided to leave the PTI,” read the letter thanking Imran Khan for providing her a platform to develop her political career in alignment with the principles of justice, merit and accountability that were previously embedded in the party’s culture.

Earlier, in 2013 as well, Kasuri tendered her resignation but retracted it and changed her mind to contest elections from NA-48 independently. Around that time, she rejoined the party as Adviser to PTI Chairman, Imran Khan, on Foreign Affairs and Gender Affairs.

At that time in 2013, PTI spokesperson, Shireen Mazari, had also confirmed in a statement that Kasuri was no longer a member of PTI. It was Naz balooch who made special efforts to bring her back. Balooch also left PTI for PPP later on. Kasuri had claimed that PTI had a biased criteria of awarding tickets on reserved seats for women; one out of the many concerns of hers.

Fauzia Kasuri claimed quite often that PTI strayed away from its revolutionary vision and the ideals on which it was originally established. It is instead heading in a direction totally opposite to what it initially set out to.

In an article published in a national daily on 27 March 2018, she explained why she was so disenchanted by the ways PTI adopted in the past few years:

“On October 31st 2011, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Inquilabi Nazriya erupted on the streets of Pakistan. But then something inexplicable happened. Having achieved critical mass on the basis of our message, the PTI initiated a course contrary to its political ideals. Now that the electorate were convinced we were different, that we represented the disenfranchised middle and lower classes, we began recruiting opportunists from other political parties. The leadership felt that these ‘electables’ were needed to ensure victory in the 2013 elections. Elections, which despite a wave of support, were lost due to the resultant internal strife.” 

Having said all of this, Kasuri still continue to do philanthropic work for Shaukat Khaum Memorial Trust Hospital and plans to contribute more to the social cause.

We wish her all the best for her new journey with PSP.

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