Fatima Jinnah; the Mother of Our Nation and a True Inspiration

Birthday of Fatima Jinnah

She was born on 31 July 1893, and today is her birthday. There are no words to describe what she did for our country and for the sake of Pakistan. She was a Dental Surgeon and a biographer and later became a leading politician. She can be called as one of the founders of Pakistan. She was the advisor and an associate of her brother Muhammad Ali Jinnah. She was an advocate for two nation theory. Later she joined All India Muslim League and became a permanent member.

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As a member of the party and an advisor, we can expect that how much she contributed in the decisions that party made at that time and today we are here in our country because of those decisions.
In a conservative environment of Pakistan, one can look upon the example of Fatima Jinnah, who followed her dreams at that time and also worked for the country. She inspired thousands of Muslim girls of the subcontinent to study and get the education and still she inspires our young girls today.

It is very extraordinary that she worked for women even after independence. She founded Pakistan Women’s Association. She worked for the settlement of migrant women of Subcontinent. She later contested elections against Ayub Khan and she didn’t win due to rigging and she being told as anti-nationalist. She wrote a book on her brother as well but it was published 32 years later and it was censored heavily and many pages were missing.

Her election campaign was quite strong despite being a woman in such a male dominating country. She didn’t set back or got nervous, she fought for her country till her death. Death of Quaid-e-Azam was dangerous and harmful for such a newly made country, at this point Fatima Jinnah did a lot of work for the establishment of the country and its systems. The following video shows her being a candidate for a president;

Her death was a very controversial subject. Many still believe that it was an unnatural death and it was a murder. Her family wanted to inquire but government blocked their request. However, it is considered that she died of a heart failure. She is the most honoured lady of Pakistan and she is being given titles as Mader-e-Millat and Khatun-e-Pakistan. She will continue to reside in hearts of Pakistanis and her services will always be appreciated.