Father kills children, commits suicide in Punjab

Burewala: A pitiless father allegedly killed his children and also committed suicide after his wife demanded a divorce from him.

Police said that in a village 503 EB of Burewala, Vehari district, Punjab a man named Muhammad Khalid killed his two children with a sharp object afterwards he himself allegedly committed suicide.

The man was heartbroken on the demand of her wife Tasleem Akhtar who seek help from the court to get divorce from her husband.

Khalid’s family informed police that they knocked his door Saturday morning but received no response. After breaking the lock they found Khalid along with his children, aged seven and nine, dead on the bed.

It is accused that he first dosed his children some intoxicate liquid after which he murdered them with knife and then himself committed suicide.

Khalid’s wife left him a month ago over domestic disputes which is a possible cause of this drastic step.