Fashion Trends We Hope Never Come Back

Weird Fashion Trends!

Fashion trends have differed a lot during the years and are still changing, however, not every fashion trend has been a favourite and let’s just say that we hope certain fashion trends just never return.

This list takes a look at some of the most abhorred fashion trends that have evolved over the years and through this list, we will save you from any possible future embarrassment.

Fingers crossed; let’s hope that these fashion trends especially never come back!

Take a look at the list below:


Shoulder Pads

Image result for shoulder pads fashion bad

Shoulder pads were a huge trend back in the 1940s, 1980s and the 2000s, they were used to give a more geometric shape to one’s body, whereas in reality at times it made the head look to small at times then at times some women would cut out the unwanted shoulder pads at home with sissors, revealing unflattering shoulder holes.

Though celebrities such as Lady Gaga have tried to bring back the trend, it never succeeded to become a full fashion trend afterwards.



Saggy Pants or Low Rise JeansImage result for saggy pants

Parents and adults were against this trend since the very beginning, yet the young teenagers were too busy hoisting up there pants at the moment to understand what they were being told.

This trend was a popular fashion statement during the 2000s, men wore saggy jeans, which meant wearing the jeans significantly below the waist, while women wore low-rise jeans, where their jeans were worn below their waist.

Thank God this trend is over and done with now.



Trucker Caps

Image result for trucker cap on ashton kutcher

These are basically type of a baseball hat which were initially used as advertising, or as give-aways from farming supply companies but later in the 2000s became a major fashion trend when celebrities such as Britney Spears and Ashton Kutcher began wearing it.

After they became popular, instead of containing farmer logos, trucker hats started having silly phrases printed on them such as “billionaire.”

Then people soon realised that they looked silly wearing these and eventually stopped.



Dresses Over Jeans 

Image result for dresses over jeans

Let’s not deny the fact that this fashion trend was very cringe-worthy. This look seemed was baggy and very unflattering and made the person look clumsy- to say the least.

We have all surely worn a knee length dress over jeans, so  let’s all be embarrassed together and thank the Heavens that this trend is no longer the fashion trend.



Popped Collars

Image result for popped collars

The ‘turned up’ collar was a famous trend for a long time back in the 1980s, especially amongst high school students who believed it made them look ‘cool.’

Though now that we look back to it, it seems pretty stupid and we hope that this trend keeps its place in the fashion graveyard and does not return.