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Family from Lahore blast mistreated by the police

MUZAFFARGARH: One of the victims of Lahore’s Gulshan-i-Iqbal Park tragedy has been completely damaged and maltreated.

The family is of Muhammad Yousaf who stated that he will move court against police who added insult to injury by detaining some of its members.

Police had arrested some members of Yousaf’s family after incorrectly stating him the suicide bomber through hysterical search for signs after the explosion.

Mother of Yousaf Jindan Mai described her torment and said the scar of her son’s loss would never heal. Even worse she stated that she will never forget the behaviour the family was exposed to by police by distressing and locking them up. She said her appeals for incorruptibility were not paid heed.

Shortly after the blast on Sunday night, police invaded the home of Yousaf at Basti Surhani and took away his three brothers and locked the women inside the home.

Yousaf’s families Ameen and Ijaz said they were not permissible to enter the house.

On Thursday, hundreds of people attended the funeral of Yousaf and he was laid to rest. His family members were set free earlier on Wednesday and they went to Lahore and received the dead body.

Yousaf worked with Excellence Link, a software developer, where he provided online education of religion. He had gone to Lahore and visited the park with his friends Bilal Shakir and Qari Yaqoob, both from Dera Ghazi Khan. Bilal also died while Yaqoob was injured.

The family said it was their (friends) routine to visit any park on Sunday.