Failure of ECP’s RTS & NADRA was Predicted by Mubasher Lucman

Long before 25 July 2018

The election day, 25th July 2018, ended with the sweeping victory for PTI and leaving many parties crying foul. What is happening inside the buildings and what results are being generated? Loosing parties raised these questions because Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP) failed to deliver on this very important day of Pakistan, which comes once in five years. The failure of Results Transmission System (RTS) was not only expected but rightly predicted by Mubasher Lucman. ECP has not yet announced the final results because of the system mismanagement in transferring data to returning officers and then to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

Mubashar Luqman had already addressed the issue in his signature program, Khara Sach on 19th June 2018, about the NADRA’s corruption and the wrongdoings in the potential voter’s data. Thousands of overseas Pakistanis are unable to vote and their names still exist in voter lists. The reason may be that the overseas Pakistanis would be expected to vote for PTI. If the voters will be with PMLN or Tehreek-e-Labaik than the right would be given to them. This unfair game is no longer supported by people. What is up with the names of people in voter’s list, who have died. Their vote can easily be misused.

The alleged relationship of chairman NADRA, Usman Mubeen, is very cordial with the convicted ex-PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, as pointed out by Lucman. This really demonstrates biased opinions and priorities of NADRA. The team of Khara Sach led by Mubashar Luqman didn’t deter to tell the truth.

The following tweet of the Election Commission of Pakistan told that the system of transferring election results would be fastest but why there aren’t any final results till now of GE2018. Becuase the system never worked.


The inefficiency of NADRA is subjected to unfair and biased elections of 2018. The elections of 2018 can’t be proved as transparent. Sixty lacs of fake votes of people who were dead were found out in the voting lists. Why didn’t NADRA introduce biometric system? Previously it seemed that the chairman of NADRA is favoring PMLN. Many important records are being sold to international countries so that there is absolutely no evidence. The rigging was expected because the people who count votes tend to do some dishonesty.

However, against all odds, PTI managed to make a clean sweep. All the efforts of rigging were wasted.

There is a fake democratic system in our country where seats are already booked. Thus the voter is not exactly important for the country but the people who count, transfer and record our votes. The team of Khara Sach already made the prediction of the outcome on 13th June 2018 on Samaa TV. However, Pakistani voters exercised their right to vote yesterday, on 25 July 2018, and to elect the government of their choice.