Facebook receives 1 million user defilement reports daily

Monika Bickert, who is the head of Facebook’s policy management stated that the social network collects a million user defilement reports every day. All of these requests are monitored by Facebook’s skilled workers.

As it was expected, it can be complicated to choose what to get rid of, but there are lines that have been drawn. For instance, in the interview taken by CNNMoney, she talks about highlighting posts which are seemingly stimulating physical harm.

Monika Bickert stated that it was suitable to take part in chats that are dangerous of institutes and beliefs and “engage in robust, political conversations”.

What is forbidden is show of hate towards a person or a group refereeing on a specific characteristic.

She similarly remarks that the quantity of violation reports that have been deferred to have increased steadily, as the aptitude to flag remarks has grown to more and more stages.

The contract also becomes more and more difficult, as an increasing number of users come from outside the home market of United States, making the process of adornment down odious posts even more problematic and personal.

“When it comes to hate speech,” says Bickert, “it’s so contextual. We think it’s really important for people to be making that decision”. Until the process becomes more automated, that is likely remaining an issue. In the near future, though, automation is seemingly inevitable.

The head of policy management did not express was what percentage of posts on regular are truly getting detached after getting reported on the network. The topic has been getting care in recent times, as obvious by the first ever Online Harassment Summit at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas, where Bickert also spoke.