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Facebook makes you live longer


California: Facebook users have always been criticized for wasting much of their time but now they have gotten an excuse for sitting on the addictive site.

A study has been conducted on 12 million Facebook users which suggested you can live longer if you use the addictive site for much time. Moreover, it doesn’t demand how much ‘likes’ you get.

But the research says it only possible if it serves to maintain and enhance your real-world social ties.

The research has been conducted by two professors at University of California with the help of Facebook.

One of the researchers has said that the study suggested that interacting online seems to be healthy when the activity is moderate and temperate.

On the other side, spending a lot of time online with little chance of being connected with real-world people and not making ties, leads you towards destruction and a negative result, the other researcher found.

The research confirms what scientists have known for a long time about the offline world – people who have stronger social networks live longer.

But it records for the first time that what happens online may also make a difference.

The researcher said that he found a healthy and longer life and less chance of mortality for all the Facebook users if they use it in a balanced way.