Facebook Helps Expanding Blood Donations in Pakistan

By Atiya Riffat

In help of World Blood Donor Day on June 14, Facebook is enhancing blood donations alongside blood centers in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brazil, and India.

Individuals who visit Blood Donations on Facebook can likewise join to be a blood donor to get informed DIRECTLY when there is a requirement for blood close-by. To date, in excess of 10 million individuals have joined and a huge number of donations have been encouraged through Facebook.

In numerous nations, including Pakistan, blood donations are typically at their most reduced amid May and June. To help bring issues to light of the lack and the requirement for donations, Facebook will run a crusade during that time of June to urge individuals to give blood, share stories of individuals who have spared lives utilizing these highlights, and instruct individuals about the way toward giving blood.

Professor Hasan Abbas Zaheer, National Coordinator, Safe Blood Transfusion Program clarifies, “Amid the summer holidays and in the holy month of Ramadan blood donation rates fall in Pakistan and the previous couple of years these circumstances have covered and made genuine hardship the patients, especially the huge population of transfusion-subordinate thalassaemia patients.

Our blood donation centers subsequently confront an earnest need to gather blood through repeat donations from our consistent donors and furthermore by enrolling (and holding) all the more new contributors to guarantee recharging of blood stocks from a generally safe population to keep up the smooth working of the system. The government’s Safe Blood Transfusion Program invites Blood Donations through Facebook which make it simpler for individuals to help their nearby blood donation occasions and react to demands for blood donations. Keep in mind your one blood donation can help spare the lives of three different patients.”

Facebook said that by bringing issues to light and telling individuals where and when they can give, we can expand blood gifts and add to a more economical blood supply.