Extradition of Absconders: Hassan & Hussain Nawaz

Panama paper was not less than a nightmare for Nawaz Shareef and family. After ex-prime minister, the convicted Nawaz and his daughter Maryam being sent to Adayala jail, Interpol was requested by the government of Pakistan for the issuance of red warrants of Hassan and Hussain Nawaz. Permanent arrest warrants for Hassan and Hussain were sent to Interpol, hence they stand absconder.

Recently, Thomas Drew (British High Commissioner) dropped a hint on extradition of proclaimed offenders of Pakistani courts, saying that if Pakistan govt. made a request in this regard the British government would consider it.

When Drew was asked about the strategy of the British govt. for the repatriation of the proclaimed offenders of Pakistan including Ishaq Dar who were involved in money laundering cases.

“I will not comment on any particular case but we will consider the things on merit and will be looking forward if we receive a request from Pakistan govt.” said the ambassador.

Drew said I appreciate the efforts from Pakistan, in the past 5 months Pakistan had done very well on the issue of FATF by taking remedial steps to check money laundering.

He also added that we have asked Pakistan’s govt our technical assistance to address the issue of money-laundering to get themselves out of the FATF grey-list.

Barrister Zafarullah said that OECD convention was only about the sharing of information regarding stolen assets and assets developed through money laundering.

He further said:

For the recovery of stolen assets, The PML-N government had taken many steps. “For the purpose of money laundering cases and those involved the OECD with the UK, we had signed two conventions for this purpose. And we also have a bilateral agreement for the sharing of information and recovery of stolen wealth and assets.

“Even though there was no extradition treaty signed between Britain and Pakistan, the country could bring back any accused from the UK.” The PML-N leader added.

As we all know that MQM leader Altaaf Hussain was a wanted figure to bring back because of his involvement in the murder case of DR Imran Farooq. He said that the PML-N government had made several efforts to bring him back. But British govt. did not entertain the repeated requests.

He concluded by saying that to repatriate the accused, Pakistan wants to bring back from London is now up to UK authorities.

Information minister, Fawad Chaudhry, confirmed that seeking the arrest of Nawaz’s two sons, Hassan and Hussain, as “absconding criminals” a formal approach would soon be made to the British government.