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EXPOSED! Corrupt Journalists assisting terrorist organization in Karachi

KARACHI: This is for the first time when media exposes the names of its own corrupt journalists involved in the assistance of terrorist organization in Karachi.

The journalists, who were offering their services in renowned television channels including Express, Dawn, ARY and Dunya News, were exposed during the Joint Interrogation of Muttahida Quami Movement’s militant Minhaj Qazi.

MQM militant Minjah Qazi confessed that he had committed 80 murders including Managing Director of Karachi Electric Supply Corporation (KESC) Omer Shahid Hamid.

Minhaj also exposed information about Ashura’s bombing to the secret agencies and Law Enforcement agencies probing into the details.

As reported by the news tribe, “Media person namely Mohammad Ali Hafeez (Samaa reporter), Dawn news Reporters Mohammad Imran, Imran Hafeez, and Express News reporter Naeem Khanzada and Dunya News reporter Qaimkhani along with six other senior journalists have been exposed in Minhaj Qazi’s JIT report.”

Reportedly, the security agencies already had information about Samaa reporter M. Ali Hafeez‘s linked with MQM militants. Some of MQM’s militants from Burns Road and Nazimabad sector were also spotted during Hafeez’s wedding ceremony.

The law enforcement agencies have evidences against Dawn News reporter Imran Hafeez’s alleged assistance of MQM target killers, land grabbers and people involved in China Cutting for a handsome amount of money.

Moreover, Dawn News reporter Mohammad Imran is told to be in the ‘hit-list’ of security agencies. He was arrested before but was released on intervention from PPP senior members.

The media organizations have not yet released any official statement regarding exposed journalists.