Expected Rallies Upon the Arrival of Maryam and Nawaz Sharif

A wishful thinking of PML-N

The decision of supreme court related to the Avenfield house was pending for quite a while. Finally, on 6th July, the decision came stating the 10 years imprisonment for Nawaz Sharif and 7 years imprisonment for the daughter Maryam Nawaz including one-year imprisonment for son in law i.e. Caption ( retd.) Muhammad Safdar in the charge of their corruption cases.

The havoc created after the Panama leaks were never resolved. The whole nation was driven to think about this dishonesty of the party. Still, the party members were not afraid to come to the court and give explanations. Still, now they didn’t deny to come to the country so that they can be arrested. The problem may occur during the general elections when the opposite followers will be in the field.

The ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif still mourn over the fact that he didn’t do corruption. His denial is the most irritating thing for many people because nothing can be more considered as the supreme court’s decision. Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif is planning to receive Maryam and Nawaz on their expected arrival on Friday. This rally may be considered peaceful but it will turn into disastrous in many ways. The young enthusiastic minds will not be patient and will try to expose their eerie emotions. Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Twitter @MaryamNSharif mentioned;

“We cloak our cowardice with the ill-fitting garment of political correctness. To a coward, courage always looks like stupidity. Fortune favors the brave.”

Other newspapers and agencies did talk about their arrest and what will be the next step. The rallies may occur in different states mainly in Punjab due to the huge following. These rallies may be chaotic and troublesome for the nation as there will be a force needed to stop them. The rally of Shahbaz Sharif may also be the sign of conflict between PTI and PMLN followers. The young zestful followers of Nawaz Sharif will not stop to resist the decision.

All of this force us to think whether elections will take place at the required time or they will be postponed or the army will intervene. The following video shows the expected results of elections 2018 on SAMAA TV;

The confidence of party leaders about their participation in general elections 2018 shows that they are not worried about their arrest and they are assured that they will again participate as a national party of Pakistan. Also, their election campaign for television is on aired now and this shows that they have absolutely no regrets.

The time is very close to elections and many queries of people will be solved, the suspense will be exposed. The PMLN journey would be very thrilling and full of surprises till the elections finally happen.