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Executioners now themselves the judges in Mishal Khan’s murder investigation

SC court orders University Management to be involved in the investigation procedures in the case of Murder of Mishal Khan.

Mishal Khan, a journalism student in Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, was recently falsely accused of blasphemy and killed on that accusation. Those people who had murdered him were also the ones to falsely plant him under blasphemous charges to justify their crime.

It should be made VERY clear here that even if a person is guilty of blasphemy, his case is to go to court and no one or nothing but the law is to decide his fate under the law of what his own religion acknowledges right in the case of committing this crime. Yes, if the person (is to say) a Hindu, Pakistani law is to try him/her under the Hindu law with the consultation of their religious officials.

All sorts of ‘Honor Killings’ are wrong, illegal, banned and considered cold-blooded murder.

Until now it has been established, with verdicts from the University management and perpetrators of the attack themselves that within the suspects are those who belong to university management and planned this whole attack for their personal grudges. along with the members of Pashtun Student Federation; a small KP based student federation, they got Mishal Khan to be falsely blamed for blasphemy.

Some university employees were also arrested in Mashal Khan murder case. Then how can the very same administration, the very same body these people belong to, be expected to give a fair verdict as part of the investigation process?

The involvement of the administration is so deep-rooted that news includes that even the VC of the university was against the thoughts and speeches of Mashal Khan. Once again the same question arises, how can impartiality be expected from members of this body?

These facts are well known by the court and by taking a decision of making the administration a part of the investigating body monstrous and preposterous! It is literally the case that the murderers of Mishal Khan are going to be the jury in their own case.

Well, good luck justice. He rests in peace though, you can not reach him.