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Cab service exclusivley for women to launch in Karachi

Karachi:  A cab service with women drivers is set to launch in the metropolis on International Women’s Day, March 8.

The pink cab under the name of “Paxi Taxi” will be exclusively for female passengers with women drivers, seen on roads in the end of March. To ride the cab women will just need to make a phone call, use mobile app and even they can simply SMS to get Paxi Taxi at their doorstep.

The service will be initiated from 10 cabs but service providers are hopeful to launch it country wide after its acceptance. To face any mishaps, female drivers are also accomplished with self defence skills.

Transportation is a big issue in Karachi and especially working ladies and students have to face hurdles to move from one place to other, easily and in time. The pink taxi will provide them with comfort, safety in transportation; their family members will also not mind them to avail the service because of the presence of female drivers.