Exclusive: Raheel Sharif extension verdict

Baaghi TV has exclusive news from reliable sources that it has been confirmed that Raheel Sharif, current Chief of the Army Staff Pakistan will continue to serve the country on his current post on extension which will be granted to him for a period of minimum 6 months to 1 year.

The army chief himself has said that he will not be seeking an extension but as per confirm reports, he will continue to serve as the Chief of Army Staff and along with his extension, any big player involved in corrupt practices has a lot to fear.

His retirement was to be in November of 2016 but a source has confirmed that his term will be extended.

Along with Sharif’s extension, a special focus seems to be planned on holding accountable all those involved in criminal cases including renowned businessmen and politicians. Baaghi TV earlier shared an exclusive record which mentions all the cases currently with NAB. Some of these are under process and the others are expected to be opened up soon along with a cleansing operation in Punjab since the cleansing of Punjab is imperative for efficient riddance of criminal and terrorist activities.

Raheel Sharif has enjoyed tremendous support of the people of Pakistan many of whom look up to him as a possible savior of Pakistan. However, most people seem to agree that an extension will have an adverse effect on the Armed forces as an institution.

‘Thank you Raheel Shareef’ has become an oft quoted tagline, both on and off the social media.

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