Ex CIA Chief: Uprisings against Taliban Should be Supported

ISLAMABAD: Robert Grenier, former CIA station chief Islamabad said that he doesn’t think the Taliban will “honestly” join in the peace negotiations & suggests that  the uprisings in Taliban controlled areas should be supported to unsettle insurgent group.

Mr. Grenier, while talking regarding the Taliban declining to join the peace talks that were facilitated by Quadrilateral Coordination Group until their terms were fulfilled, said: “Before the Afghan Taliban come to the table & agree to negotiate in good faith, they will have to be convinced that a military victory is beyond their reach”.

He also said that the situation is now different. Taliban, last year had gained a number of military successes, that included a brief capture of Kunduz. It is said that this group control a significant presence in more than 29 districts in Afghanistan.

Mr. Robert Grenier recommended that other than prolonging financial & military support to Afghan government, international community should “to a limited degree & with small but sustainable forces, also engage in insurgency in areas where the Taliban hold sway”.

He said that he was confident that encouraging uprisings in Taliban held areas could be a “wise” move & that there was a limited international support for Afghanistan.

He claimed that the strategy would work because people can’t live under the control of the Taliban for long and that “legitimate & authentic” leaders born in different places against the group every now and then. He also stressed on that these leaders should be reinforced and supported. .

Former CIA official stated that as long as “the durable political settlement in Afghanistan” is not reached, the other stakeholders, who are in the peace process, need to be patient.

Robert expressed his concerns that the terrorists from other countries might find sanctuaries in Afghanistan & that rumors of the rise of Daesh were already coming.

“It is a prerequisite of Afghanistan to help bring about a political settlement to prevent these international terrorist organizations from establishing footholds there,” he cautioned that otherwise the 3rd world war could break out.

He said for this peace effort to succeed Afghanistan needs a peace lobby, saying that he regretted that there was not one because everyone was profiting from war.