Enjoy the Heat of Icy-cold Water Exercise in Bikini with Zarina

Zarina Andryushina of Aktau, Kazakhstan, gave quite a spectacle to the eastern coast of the sea by stepping into the icy-cold water as her post-jog daily routine. Zarina, mother of one, takes a dip into icy water in the morning to “warm-up” her day.

She literally had to “break through ice covering the surface to get her daily plunge on January 30. After sharing a video of her braving the cold in a bikini on her Instagram page, she caught the attention of local media”, reports RT.

She further added that  she had been dipping into the Caspian Sea, about 5 minutes’ walk from her home, for the past two years now irrespective of how cold it was.

Worth noticing here that the day this video was shot, the air temperature was about 17 degrees Celsius minus zero.

Zarina who is 33-year old says, “ice-dipping is a real boaster for the immune system for a healthy start of the day”.

Interesting fact is that this form of exercise is in-fact very popular in Russia, Nordic countries and in northern China.

Orthodox Christian celebration of Epiphany is also connected to this icy-cold exercise.

Enjoy the icy-dip from Zarina here: