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England out of EU and Euro Cup in same week

Lahore (29th June): This weekend has been decisive for British people as first, they chose separation from European Union (EU) and later, Icelanders kicked them out of Euro Cup 2016.

This might be the last Euro Cup for England as they have departed from the biggest union of the world, the European Union (EU).
The person who has been most affected in Brexit referendum is David Cameron, who quit the premiership of England.

More interestingly, the English football was defeated by Icelanders, who were playing this tournament for the first time in the history. Iceland is a small country with population less than Britain’s 9th largest city, but that did not stop their team from pulling off one of international football history’s greatest upset.

On the other hand, as the two incidents happened in a week, twitter started making fun and jokes of England and Brexit phenomenon. A viral tweet is here: “If it stays like this, we’ll be the laughing stock of EU . . . oh wait,” English fan Pete Paphides tweeted shortly before the game ended.
“You don’t feel like this on a lot of occasions, especially with a team like Iceland,” Coach Lars Lagerback said after his team’s 2-1 victory in the round of 16 at the Allianz Riviera in Nice.

The past two weeks have been extraordinary and a splendid journey for Iceland and its fans. The country boasts a population of 332,000 considerably less than Wichita, Kan, and at least 10 percent of them have decamped to France to cheer on their heroes.