Emirates Plans on Introducing Windowless Planes

By Rikza Saqib

Emirates, the world’s fourth largest airline is planning to change air travel and make it more comfortable, quicker and interesting for its passengers. It currently holds the third position for providing the best First class cabins and wishes to improve its standard by eliminating windows from aeroplanes.

Emirates wishes to enable passengers to see images projected outside the aeroplane by using fibre optic cameras. Not only will this make air travel fascinating but it will also make aircrafts lighter and traveling faster.  In addition to this, planes will fly higher and consume less fuel.

This is a method Emirates is using to remove windows from future planes. Airline president; Tim Clark also claims that the images are better than what the natural eye can see.

The visual windows will be added to the first class cabin of the Boeing 777-300ER and soon they would like to introduce this change in all other cabins and aircrafts as well.

However, these changes are very controversial since many passengers request window seats which bring adrenaline rush to the passengers who like to see skyscrapers and clouds. To them air travel might not stay as interesting as it originally was. But without any doubt, windowless planes would be far more efficient than current planes since they would make aeroplanes lighter which would improve air travel.

Now all passengers remain in confusion. Will this new technology prove beneficial and will passengers approve of this new change? Will this have a positive effect on demand and supply of aeroplanes or a negative one? Will Emirates be able to influence other airlines to introduce windowless planes? Will this new technology be feasible in the long run?

Tim Clark, President Emirates

Surely these questions cannot be answered before the change is introduced but engineers claim that it will bring more benefits than negatives and Tim Clark; Emirate’s president is hopeful.