Emirates Airlines 380 Landing Gear Malfunctions, endangering 510 lives


In a close midair disaster which is being hushed up at the top most level by the UAE Government, Emirates Airlines faced a midair crisis two days ago. Baaghi TV has been informed that this is not the first time such an incident has happened. Emirates airline has been salvaged by the government so that its performance remains questionable. During the last two years the airline has shown constant decline primarily due to bad customer service and engineering flaws. Here are the details:

On the 5th of January, five days after the Dubai hotel fire; which happened under mysterious circumstances (The Address), the Emirates airlines pride that their plane, an Airbus 380 flew around 10,000 feet above the ground level for almost six hours. Ironically, this was simply the scheduled flight duration to London from Dubai for EK 005 on Jan 05, 2016. The plane took off from Dubai International Airport on time at 16.10 hours and its flight time was estimated around 4.30 hours to London’s Heathrow Airport. It never went beyond the Dubai airspace for over six hours and circled over the Emirates in a  bid to dump excessive fuel load.

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When the plane Airbus 380 took off from Dubai, there was an immediate malfunction in its landing gear.

Despite all efforts by the crew the landing gear could not be folded (retracted) which is essential for a long haul flight. After thirty minutes the pilot announced to the passengers that they have a malfunction in the landing gear hence cannot fly to London. From then on wards the ordeal of the passengers was tested beyond limit by a very non-professional and matter-of-fact attitude by the airline crew. The concept of friendly customer service seems to be a forgotten concept for the Emirates crew.

Furthermore, the passengers were told they could not use the toilets for hours at length and that the crew was trying their best to contact the Airbus Industries (Manufacturers of the Airbus 380) to detect the engineering problem and to try and rectify the issue. After two hours the passengers were told the Air Bus industries could not be contacted as all their telephone lines were busy and that they the manufacturer was not in contact. The passengers were told yet again to wait as the plane had to dump the extra fuel before landing which was meant for a long haul flight.

They were also told not to panic if their windows were sprayed by the jet fuel.

Meanwhile the cabin crew became busy in distributing chocolates and cookies amongst passengers rather than briefing them in detail about possible emergency procedures. The plight of the passengers on board the EK 005 was insurmountable when the Captain announced that due to high traffic at the Dubai airport their aircraft was put on hold to land behind many others in a long cue. Despite a very serious, life threatening mid air emergency the UAE Civil Aviation Authority failed to declare a priority for a plane the result of which could have been facing a certain crash with hundreds of passengers on board.

So all the airbus engineers in the world failed to pick up their phones and UAE Civil Aviation authority did not want to work the extra mile to change flight order, would these sound like good reasons to give to families of the passengers had the plane crashed?

Six hours and thirty minutes later when the plane finally landed at Dubai International airport amid blaring sirens of fire brigades and ambulances luckily the plane’s malfunctioning landing gear had kept intact and the plane landed without any major casualty or serious injury.

However, to calm the passengers the airline immediately announced many points for the card holders of the airline and other incentives but did not give a written reason or apology to any of the passengers on board. Meanwhile the airport hotels were made to make place for hundreds of stranded passengers who had to wait for another 12 hours before a different aircraft could be arranged for them to be taken to London.

Sadly no media has been able to report the incident due to strict censorship in the Emirates. The flight EK 005 was flown again the following day!

Aircraft engineering issues are not uncommon however mid air incidents are reported to be documented as well as made public the world over. There have been many incidents in the past whence the airline’s engineering has been criticized by a few quarters but it has also surfaced that such a mega mid air disaster was not allowed to be reported in the press or general media. The A 380 landing gear issues are not new. Previously Quantas as well as Lufthansa and some others have also faced issues with the aircraft. However, the manner in which the plight of almost 510 passengers on board EK 005 has been handled is alarming and raises multiple questions. Is the Emirates Airline really safe and meeting all internationally prescribed requirements or not? That is something we do not know as yet and only time will tell us if they are or not.

Here are some additional technical details:

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  1. You just blew the whole story out of proportion. It can happen to any plane and the pilots are very well trained for these procedures. You just a crying baby.

    • Endangering 510 lives is very out of proportion. If you read the manual and ask around, this is not a standard case of small tech difficulty. People have a right to know how professional and sound are the services they use. Regulations require such circumstances to be treated differently and not doing that is breaking aviation law. It should be reported. Thank you

  2. I was on this flight and myself and other passengers were terrified, as we kept receiving conflicting information by a pilot who himself sounded unsure what he should be doing, and panicked staff on-board also did not clarify or provide any reassurance.

  3. Nicholas Pournader on

    I am so sorry to hear about this terrible experience. I recently travelled with Emirates Airlines myself, and could not agree more about the total lack of accountability amongst all levels of staff. Moreover, it seems that Emirates’ pilots are poorly trained when it comes to determining if engineering problems will cause significant travel delays and threaten the safety of passengers.

    See here: bit.ly/1mC2Efd. I hope that we can call attention to their management.

  4. A landing gear failing to stow really isn’t a ‘mid air crisis’ or a ‘close midair disaster’ nor a ‘very serious, life threatening mid air emergency.’

    Complaining that “The passengers were told yet again to wait as the plane had to dump the extra fuel before landing which was meant for a long haul flight” is completely ridiculous – this is a safety precaution. You do not want to land an aircraft above maximum landing weight; full of flammable fuel. If that means holding while safely jettisoning fuel – then so be it.

    Likewise saying “the plight of the passengers on board the EK 005 was insurmountable when the Captain announced that due to high traffic at the Dubai airport their aircraft was put on hold to land behind many others in a long cue.” What plight – ok so it was a harrowing time for the passengers and I respect that, but plight… if the aircraft was happy to fly the claimed 6 hours, then there obviously was no immediate emergency; how can you begin to question ATC without knowledge of the situation. In a heavy traffic situation there may be international flights in holding patterns who need to land quicker to avoid a fuel emergency – especially if you’ve got an emergency landing that could potentially close the runway. And regarding ” could have been facing a certain crash with hundreds of passengers on board.” where you’re complaining that the UAE CAA didn’t provide priority clearance (something ATC would do, and not the CAA, unless that is what you’re referring to) the only potential danger in this situation (again proven by the claimed 6 hour flight time) was the landing itself – if the landing gear failed to deploy correctly. So why would you be pushing to get priority landing when the only dangerous situation was the landing itself, the aircraft was safer in the air, giving pilots the time and space required to assess the situation correctly.

    I appreciate that for the passengers on board this flight, the situation would have been extremely unpleasant, and I cannot comment on the level of customer service, but lets not blow the technical side of things completely out of proportion here.

  5. I don’t think there was any media coverage, it sounds like a minor malfunction with the landing gear, this kind of thing happens every day, all around the world – it’s not newsworthy .. that’s why it isn’t reported.

    Also, the safety of the Emirates fleet is not as questionable as you might think, they need to meet high standards because they fly into EU and US airspace, it’s not the UAE’s government’s responsibility alone nor is it in their interest to cut corners anyway, the repercussions of an accident would be catastrophic for the airline, especially if proven that their bad maintenance was a cause!

    You were unlucky to be on the flight, and perhaps the crew weren’t very helpful, but it was definitely not a “close midair disaster which is being hushed up” .. you were never at serious risk.

  6. Ok.. First of all.. Let me make this clear to Rida. I am a cabin crew. And when something like this happens. We receive orders from commander/captain according to situation. We can’t be happy and smiling all the time. service personality requires us to be pleasant helpful and attentive to customers but clearly you have no information and knowledge about aircrafts. When you disclose information to passengers things can become nasty. And a crew of 25 cannot handle 510 passengers even if they want to. Captains are trained well beyond these things in their simulator training. UAE aviation is monitored not only by international bodies but by local bodies like GCAA as well. When you write an artical next time try to be more factual than emotional about your work.

  7. This article is completely inaccurate down to the flight number (wasn’t EK005) the flight time to London is certainly not 4.5 hours (not even at full speed and under the best weather and wind currents), The plane did not fly for 6 hours before landing either but rather under 2 hours. The flight could have well continued safely onto LHR but the pilot chose to go back to DXB to have the issue addressed immediately. Again this isn’t an ideal situation but that is certainly not “putting the lives of 510 passengers at risk”. When you think that an airbus A380 has 4 engines but can still fly safely with only 1 left in case of emergency, a landing gear that isn’t retracting is surely not a putting the aircraft or the passengers safety in jeopardy. Regardless “baaghi tv” please do a fact check before publishing this kind or excrement.

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