Emirates Air-hostess Died of Falling from Plane

By Hussain Khalid Mirza

Accidents happen everywhere and in all parts of world, aviation industry is no exception to that.

Emirates air hostess died after falling from plane in Uganda. The flight attendant found dead when she fell from emergency door of a parked airplane in Uganda’s Entebbe airport.

Nationality of the woman has not been revealed yet. Francis Sekandi, spokesperson for the Kishubi hospital told to media ” We received her from the Civil Aviation Authority in an ambulance, but she was already dead,”. Investigation of this very serious matter has been opened by Uganda’s Civil Aviation Authority.

This tragedy would bring a bad name to Emirates, It is not that their business will not flourish now and their customers will not trust them again but it is huge question mark on the treatment of Emirates to its workers.

Problems are everywhere in the world but different nations are recognised differently when it comes about how they treat their problems and the respect of women in their society.

” A female member of the crew appeared to have opened the emergency door and unfortunately fell off an Emirates aircraft that had safely landed and parked,”  spokesperson told in a statement.

Local newspaper, The Daily Monitor, also mentioned through its sources that it could be a suicidal case because the woman appeared to have jumped intentionally from the plane with a glass bottle in hand, and she also had injuries all over her face and knees that shows she was in some kind of trouble before death.

While the management of Emirates says ” a member of our cabin crew unfortunately fell from an open door while preparing the aircraft for boarding”.

The airline has promised to cooperate with the concerned authorities for investigation. It is a huge tragedy and the company should confirm safety of their workers.