Electricity crisis: shortfall reaches 3,000 MW

ISLAMABAD: It’s as yet early summer but the electricity shortfall has already reached a massive 3,000 Megawatts.

According to details, due to the summer season arrival the power demand has escalated to 14,000 Megawatts. Five regions of Islamabad Electric Supply Company (LESCO) are facing unannounced load shedding.
However, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has claimed to eliminate electricity load shedding by 2018.
PM Nawaz said: “By 2017-2018, there will be an end to load shedding.” He also said that not only electricity load shedding would come to an end but also electricity would be cheaper and accessible to the general public.

Last year, the electric short fall during the summer season had reached 6,000 MW. There was eight to ten hours load shedding in cities while sixteen to eighteen hours of load shedding was faced by the people in rural areas. The electricity deficit during the last year was 3,614 MW. As per its details, thermal sector generated some 9,900MW, hydroelectric sources 4,850MW and wind 175MW.

But some of the officials from National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) had admitted that deficit was close to 6,000 MW in reality. Earlier, there were worst power outages in 2007 when the production fell by 6,000 MW. Load shedding and power blackouts were worst before 2016.
But after 2016, with cooperation of China, some betterment was observed. According to the statistics of 2015-16, the electricity generation from various sources was: 64% from fossil fuel, 30% from hydro and 5% from nuclear sources.