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Eight people killed in Syria suicide blast


Damascus: As many as eight people are killed in a late night suicide blast at Kafr Sousa, center of the Syrian capital Damascus.

According to Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA), “terrorist suicide bomber blew himself up near al-Muhafaza Sports Club in Kafrsouseh area in Damascus on Thursday evening, leaving 8 people dead.”

Kafr Sousa is the restricted area of Damascus, which has ministers house, senior security officials and intelligence headquarters in it; it is the high security zone and blast occurred near to it.

A sound of blast was heard in Kufr Sousa, caused due to a suicide bomber who blewup himself near a sports’ club which finished the life of eight people leaving many injured. Most of the people were from regime forces including a colonel. The death toll is expected to increase because of the very critical condition of most injured people.

Damascus occasionally becomes the target of shelling by the opposition forces and attacks are also observed here in some areas.

In 2011, two blasts in Kufr Sousa swallowed the life of more than 50 people  leaving 150 injured. This attack took place near the security agencies of the Syrian state.

Last year on December 2016, a seven year old girl was also used to explode herself outside a police station in Midan district.