Eid Countdown : Cone Mehndi Demand Increases

By Atiya Riffat

As the Eid ul Fitr is close to, the interest for modish henna cones rises.

From road vendors to cosmetics shops each retailer has heaped up cone mehndi for the Eid.

“Mehndi is thought to be a art. Mehndi adds engaging quality to a young lady’s hands in our way of life,” said beautician Saadia Hameed.

Ladies of each age love to apply delightful outlines of mehndi on their hands and feet particularly on the eve of Eid ul Fitr, she said.

Cone mehndi wrapped with various glossy sparkling papers is the most basic element of Eid ul Fitr festivities in the nation.

In the recent age more often individuals purchase henna cones, which are prepared to utilize and make its application easier . However, in rural areas ladies crush crisp henna leaves on grinding stones with included oil, which however not as refined as professionally arranged henna cones, accomplishes much darker colors.

“A lot of ladies love to complete henna amid Eid as it influences them to feel crisp, new and excellent. Numerous families even have a henna night festivity, where every one of the ladies of the family and companions assemble at one place. We additionally offer home administration henna for such events,” says a henna master Sofia Azam .

As Ramazan attracts to an end and Eid’s celebrations adapt, the capital’s business sectors are overflowing with customary mehndi and bangles slows down to draw in ladies, both youthful and old. Applying different styles of mehndi is a yearly chaand raat movement for ladies, particularly young ladies.

To take into account this market, mehndi slows down are set up at business sectors and beauty salons to give a variation of innovative themes for ladies trying to enjoy the activity.

Different book shops additionally begin offering mehndi configuration books before Eid as they are in extraordinary demand among young ladies who want to expert the specialty of henna (mehndi) application.

In addition, Eid shopping has picked up force as each night, post-Iftar, markets are overwhelmed by families.