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Egyptian woman believed to be fattest female in the world


Cairo: An Egyptian woman remained unable to leave her home even a single time in 25 years due to her weight and size; she weighs 1, 102 pounds.

According to the sources, Iman Ahmad Abdulati is hoping to get assistance to lessen her weight.

Iman’s sister Chaymaa Ahmad Abdulati and her mother spend most of their time caring for Iman as they feed, clean and help her to go to toilet. Chaymaa Ahmad went public and her family went several hospitals in order to get help but they couldn’t get any solution. The sources say Iman can no longer walk.

According to the details, When Iman was born; she weighed 11 pounds and had been struggling with her weight throughout her childhood.

Her family told that when she was 11-year-old, she suffered a stroke and later became bedridden. She never attended the school because of her size problem.

According to the sources, doctors say her condition is caused by a fluid retention problem, a type of disease in which body retains large amount of water.