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Educational hub or war-zone? Student groups clash in PU

Lahore: Punjab University again turned into war zone on Tuesday when two rival groups attacked each other; five students are reported injured.

Scuffle between two students groups broke out during a function in the University; students engaged in stone throwing on each other.

Large number of police personnel reached Punjab University to disperse the crowd; tear gas was also used by the police.

This is not the first time that two rival groups started brawl in the educational hub. In the start of February a fight over the joint sitting of male and female students turned into serious clash when students attacked each other. Several also got injured in that incident and police, very difficultly, controlled the situation by heavy shelling.

Student unions are enemies of each other since long time; each union wants to take hold of the whole institution and aim to run the institution as per its own wishes. In this race of achieving power, student unions clash with each other, which sometimes results in bloody scuffles.