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ECP convenes meeting of political parties  


Islamabad: Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has prepared a Code of Conduct for holding free and fair elections in 2018 and all the major parties are going to meet next week to discuss the draft, the sources revealed.


The special and crucial meeting convened by the Election Commission of Pakistan on 28th October will discuss threadbare the proposed draft, the sources added.


Moreover, it has been reported that representatives of nineteen major political parties would participate to give their input on the proposed Code of Conduct.



According to the new Code of Conduct, a ban would be imposed on all kinds of campaigns and persuading for votes, including soliciting of votes, not to vote in elections, or canvassing for a particular aspirant on Election Day.


The proposed draft envisages commitment on the part of political parties and candidates to uphold the rights and freedom of people as ensured by the Constitution and law.


It demands political parties and candidates not to give any suggestion or act in any manner prejudicial to the ideology of Pakistan or the sovereignty, integrity or security of the country.