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Economic Hitman of Pakistan by Farhan Virk

The social media activist and Pakistan Tehreek -e- Insaf (PTI)’s big follower, Farhan Virk has shared a video to explain the monopoly of world and the economic hitman of Pakistan.

He explained the whole process of monopoly of economic hitman.

He said the very first task of them is to give loan to other countries from their own banks and for the reason, such countries are selected which have resources of oil and other mineral resources and the loan given is used to construct roads, metro buses and huge buildings. These developments only benefit the rich class of the country however, sadly, poor ones have nothing to do with these and infact suffer from them as they have to pay the loan.

In such situations, when the government remains unable to pay the loan, it again has to contact the IMF and World Bank.

In such contact, they need to sell their whole resources on lowest rates.

The western countries have to be given the permission to construct their monopoly and if they are rejected by anyone, they send a special force to those countries and kill all the leaders of that countries. If the operation remains unsuccessful, they then attack the country using their army.

This the reason of the wide spread of the cooperate brands internationally and while the spreading brands, common people have to face lack of basic resources. They are restricted to use their own resources now.

Due to this, the common people lack the resources they need. Flyovers, Metro or the cooperate brands can not fulfill poor people’s needs.

He also highlighted that there is not a single looter, who had been born to loot but they became so when their rights were snatched.

Now, we have to tell our leaders and this world is our own and no one has right to grab the property and assets of millions of people into his own pocket.


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