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Earthquake of Magnitude 6.2 Hits Ecuador Coast

On Wednesday, an Earthquake of magnitude 6.2 shook Ecuador’s coast, terrifying the locals & hindering the rescuers after the bigger weekend quake tattered the same area, killing around 500 people.

According to the geological survey of the United States, the recent earthquake hit 25 kilometers off Muisne on northwest Pacific coast at depth of 15 kilometers

It was near the epicenter of Saturday’s quake of the magnitude of 7.8 that had devastated a long swath of coast & dealt a major setback to the oil-producing nation’s already brittle economy.

The Witnesses stated that 2 strong tremors of around 30 seconds each had woke the people up, sending them to run into street.

However, there wasn’t any tsunami warning issued, also there weren’t any immediate reports of the major damage.

The Ecuador’s Geophysical Institute claimed that there were 2 quakes of magnitude 6.2, shadowed by 17 aftershocks. The USGS, conversely, cited one earthquake of magnitude 6.1.

The local media reported that the rescue operations were momentarily suspended due to the new earthquake, amidst the dwindling expectations of discovering more survivors from the Saturday’s quake.

The Saturday’s quake had killed over 479 people, leaving another 107 missing, and over 4,600 injured. It had also destroyed around 1,500 buildings, triggering the mudslides & the tore up roads, while some over 20,500 people were left sleeping in their shelters.

The Grooves of the foreign aid workers & the experts have come to aid. Around 14,000 security force members are keeping the order, however the irregular prowling has been reported.

The Rescuers were losing the hope of discovering more people alive, but the relatives of the effected begged them to continue looking.

“There’s still a small margin of time to find survivors,” said Correa. “But I do not want to give excessive hope.”

One woman reached from highland capital Quito in the search of her daughter & niece who went on a beach trip, & had urged the police to take care with bulldozers as they explored a devastated hotel in Pedernales.

“Please,” she had said, “at least give us the corpses intact.”