E-Voting in Pakistan

Election Commission of Pakistan in collaboration with NADRA has developed an Online Voting System for Overseas Pakistanis.
Using this system, Overseas Pakistanis can now cast their vote in their home constituencies as per the Voters List from the comfort of their homes using any internet connected device like PC, Laptop, Smart Phone or Tablet.
An Overseas Voter who wishes to use the system must have:-

– A National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistani
-A Machine Readable Passport
-A valid Email Address

Overseas Voters must first register themselves with the Online Voting System in order to cast their vote.

To register, simply visit the website www.overseasvoting.gov.pk and create an account using an email address and mobile number.
Next login to the website using the account and select the menu of Registration.

The system will first determine the eligibility of the voter and will ask to enter:-

– 13-digit Unique National Identity Card Number printed on NICOP Card
– The Issuance Date of the NICOP Card
– Machine Readable Passport Number
– And the Tracking ID Number printed on Machine Readable Passport

If the voter is eligible, the system will ask two verification questions from the data to confirm the identity of the voter.
Upon successful verification, the system will send a notification to the registered email address of the voter, confirming their registration as an Overseas voter.
Subsequently, the system will also de-list the Overseas Voter from the local Voter list of their home constituency.
Before the Election, the system will send a Voter Pass to the Voter on their registered email address.
On Election Day, the Voter will log in to the website using their account and select the menu of Vote Now.
Using the Voter Pass, the Voter will select the National Assembly or Provincial Assembly Constituency and cast their vote for the candidate of their choice.
Once the Voting time is over, Election Commission of Pakistan will enable the reporting portal of the Online Voting System.
The Returning Officers using the reporting portal will be able to view and print results of Online Voting System respective to their constituencies.

Report: Zubair Shabbir