‘Duct tape challenge’ failed: Young boy hospitalized with serious head injuries

The viral game up these days known as ‘Duct Tape Challenge’ has left the youth following the challenge, on risk and danger of getting badly injured.

A 14-year-old Skylar Fish also suffered severe head injuries as well as a permanent harm to his left eye during his try to win the challenge. The young boy suffered a brain aneurysm after he was trying to win the challenge. He is under observation in hospital since January 16th.

duct tape challenge2

The ‘Duct Tape Challenge’ involves a person to wrap the duct tape around the other man involved in the challenge and he has to fred himself from those tapes in the given time.

Skylar was also wrapped with tape and he trying to open the tapes, lost his balance and fell down in a way that his head was hit with a metal frame that caused serious injury. Mainly, the eye was hurt and consequently he suffered the brain aneurysm.

duct tape challenge

There are also some videos uploaded on YouTube of the people doing the challenge and huge number of views and followings surfaced for the challenge. People followed the same way of wrapping the tapes etc. Some videos also showed how a person loses balance and gets injuries. Lets see how the people undergo the challenge in a limit and a way that would not harm the other.


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