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Dua e Khair of Mubasher Lucman’s Mother after Namaz-e-Asar

Mubasher Lucman’s mother has passed away on Saturday. She bravely struggled and miraculous recovery. However, the lord called her to Him, may she rest in peace.

The well known personalities are coming for condolence after the death of Mubasher Lucman’s mother.

Former Chief Minister Punjab Chaudhary Parvaiz Elahi
Jahangir Tareen(PTI)
Chairman(PSP) Mustafa Kamal

Wife of Mian Shahbaz Sharif Tehmina Durrani, Filmstar Shan Shahid and Pappu Samrath have also come for the condolence of the Mubasher Lucman’s mother death.

Other well known political and social personalities including members of the journalistic organizations participated in the condolence of death of Mubasher Lucman’s mother death.

Today, after Namaz-e-Asar, Dua e Khair will be held at Defense.

Baaghi team is deeply grieved at the loss and wishes and prays that she be granted the highest place in Jannah. We also wish the family is granted peace and serenity in this difficult time. Team Baaghi stands by them in this difficult time.

Baaghi Team humbly requests to all of you that please pray for her higher rank in Jannah.