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Drug Agency Inquiries Prince’s Death

The US reported that the local police has been investigating the death of Prince, the pop star and asking for help from Drug Enforcement Administration.

NBC News stated that the police had found the prescription painkillers in Prince’s possession following his abrupt death in Minneapolis last week.

However, the officials have yet to say that what part, if any, those drugs may’ve played.

Drug Agency Inquiries Prince’s Death

A post-mortem last week had eliminated suicide – however a medical examiner stated that complete results could take several weeks.

The 57-Years-Old Prince was discovered dead in a lift on his Paisley Park estate on April 21st.

There wasn’t any sign of trauma on the body, said Sheriff Jim Olson, suggesting that the singer had died alone.

The DEA will be working to “determine such things as where medications came from & what prescriptions Prince had obtained,” reported NBC.

A search warrant was gained to use at Prince’s house, reported TMZ.

There’ve been suggestions the Prince was addicted to painkiller Percocet, which he’d been taking since 2009 to relieve the hip pain.

Sheila E., his former percussionist had told the news agency that Prince had been suffered the effects of years of jumping off the speakers on stage while wearing the high heels.

However, the singer’s long-time lawyer, L Londell McMillan, has refuted claims of drug dependency.

Though Mr. McMillan confessed that Prince might have taken the pills to manage pain, adding that the musician was “not on any drugs that’d be any cause for concern”.

Prince was rushed to the hospital in Illinois 6 days before his death, while flying back home from a concert in Georgia, but he was treated then was released a few hours later.