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Drinking coffee reduces risks of liver diseases

Sipping six cups of coffee a day may lessen the risk of severe liver disease, a study advises.

The world’s rising obesity crisis means increasing numbers are at risk of fatty liver disease, a severe disorder which can be lethal. Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease – which is typically related with being heavy – was until lately considered erratic.

But inactive routines and poor diets means that an estimated one in five people in the UK and a third of the US are now in the early stages of the disease, which can ultimately lead to life-threatening cirrhosis, the disorder more usually related with alcoholism.

Experts found that mice with a high-fat diet had fewer signs of the disease if they were fed a daily dose of coffee, equivalent to six cups of espresso for a human of 11 stone (70kg).

Mice fed the coffee also gained less weight than others fed the same diet, the team found.