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Drama serial Jaan’nisar new song “Jo Roi Thee Unn Aankhon Nay” Released

The song “Jo Roi Thee Unn Aankhon Nay” has been sung by Jawad as the Official Soundtrack of the upcoming drama serial Jaan’nisar that will soon be televised on ATV starting from 20th October, 2016. Composed by the maestro Sahir Ali Bagga the song has been penned by none other than Imran Raza.

After blockbuster productions like ‘Khuda Zameen Se Gaya Nahin”, Faseel-e-Jaan Se Aagay’ and ‘Kis Se Kahoon’, ‘Jaan’nisar’ is produced by Khawar Azhar for CRS as a play highlighting the need of reforms in state institution.

Jaan’nisar is a 13 episodes TV series. Directed by the veteran Aamir Yousaf and written by Amir Raza it brings the issue of rule of law to the fore by revealing the deep-rooted nexus of politics and police with the help of a responsible media. Being the latest production from the banner of CRS it especially highlights crimes against women including sexual harassment, dowry, women trafficking and domestic violence. It also portrays how an honest police officer can play an effective role in curbing crime in the society. The TV series is designed to revive people’s trust in state institutions.

Jaan’nisar is set at a police station and every episode brings a new crime story to the viewers which is solved by the police successfully with all its limitations and capacity issues. The drama series highlights the use of modern methods of investigation including forensic evidence and crime scene protection through latest technological tools.

Main cast of the play includes Nauman Ejaz, Sohail Sameer, Ghana Ali, Zulqarnain Haider, Saba Faisal, Nayyar Ejaz, Firdous Jamal, Zain Afzal, Jibran Shahid, Qazi Zubair, Sadaf Bhatti, Maira Khan, Iftikhar Qaisr, Javed Babar.


Jaannisar. Jaannisar