Dr Samavia, renowned UK-based Dermatologist joins Baaghi TV

Baaghi TV is pleased to announce that Dr Samavia Rehman, a very renowned and devoted dermatologist, has joined Baaghi TV from United Kingdom (UK).

The UK based famous dermatologist, Dr. Samavia Rehman is a clinical dermatologist with her MBBS from University of Peshawer, PgDip in Clinical Dermatology from Queens Mary University London and Masters in Clinical Dermatology from University of Hertfordshire.

She says that her professional objective is to ‘contribute constructively towards society by her professional skills and spread knowledge about skin cancer.’ She wants to serve humanity by making people aware of skin problems and also help patients get top quality treatment.

Dr. Samavia Rehman joins Baaghi TV as health advisor
Dr. Samavia Rehman joins Baaghi TV as health advisor

As part of Team Baaghi, Dr. Samavia will use her skills and experience to inform and advice people on health; specially skin related issues. She plans on starting a helpline and giving skin and hair tips, both through the platform of Baaghi TV.

A NHS psychiatrist in Lincolnshire, Dr Ijaz Rehman is her husband and in the words of Dr Samavia they are the, “Perfect match to make people beautiful- both inside and out.”

Health is a major issue with increasing importance due to the rise in skin-related diseases and issues due to global changes and higher use of technology which results in a constant exposure to radioactive waves. The rays of technology effects an individual badly and therefore, there is a greater risk of being harmed by the rays. It was also reported that the use of smart phones can affect skin and causes skin cancer also. The global warming is another issue, due to which the weather is changing drastically and medically affecting the living creatures on earth. From acne to skin cancer, the risks are ever-increasing and need to be regularly addressed in order for good health standards from all.

Therefore, Baaghi TV brings another ease for its readers to contact a health adviser with no need to take appointments or wait for their turns now. Just contact Baaghi TV and get best health advises from Dr Samavia Rehman.

Baaghi TV welcomes Dr Samavia Rehman to Baaghi Family.