Dr. Salman Ahmad Scares PML-N Cronies with a Tweet

When the cause of feminism is hijacked by political mafia for petty interests

Sexism pervades everywhere in this world, but its worst form is when it hails from females. Those self-proclaimed feminists who sell everything against Pakistan and in favor of their godfathers are using identity politics to serve their vested interests. And then there is an army of those aspiring media janissaries who would criticize and question the very essence of Pakistan to be in the league of such pressure-groups.

Those who are pro-Nawaz and anti-army are at the peak of their frustration with the approaching General Elections on 25 July 2018 in Pakistan and their highly-anticipated defeat in the wake of Naya Pakistan.

Having said that, lately, a meme caught my eye tweeted by Dr. Salman Ahmad, an icon of Pakistan, who gave us national songs like Dil DiL Pakistan, Ehtasab, and recently Naya Pakistan.  And then I noticed a brigade of PML-N cronies trolling him for his “misogynistic comment” of self-proclaimed PML-N leader, Maryam Nawaz, who in her entire life never contested an election, but is termed as a leader. How woeful the situation is for the ignorant PML-N cronies!

Maryam Nawaz’s sole claim to glory is biological and the corruption which runs in her blood.

The mafia which criticized Dr. Ahmad for his tweet never raised their voice or penned a single word when the same icon of feminism and their fairy godmother submitted forged documents in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, when her name appeared in Panama papers, when she lied publicly in Sana Bucha’s show for not owning any property in Pakistan let alone England.

But the wealthy charisma of this compulsive liar, daughter of Nawaz Sharif, can manage to provoke certain media-pockets to troll Dr. Ahmad for his tweet on social media.

For those PML-N cronies and paid media pockets who call Dr. Ahmad a misogynist, let us have look at the real “misogynist’ who took Zia-ul-Haq as his spiritual leader. The convicted Nawaz Sharif hurled all kinds of abuses on Benazir Bhutto, his political opponent, and archrival. Should not we troll Nawaz Sharif and his corrupt family for their immoral and illegal conduct over the period of 40 years?

Despite the fact that heavy money has been funneled into anti-Pakistan, anti-Imran Khan, and anti-army narrative, the same lot had nothing to say or no one to troll about when Daily Mail came up with the story of The Penthouse Pirates. Then their policy is to let the silence prevail.

Don’t let the noble cause of feminism be highjacked by the corrupt elites in politics and media. Maryam Nawaz does not represent Pakistan or Pakistani females. She does not have an iota of idea what a woman goes through on daily basis on the streets and in the houses of Pakistan.

But the average women of Pakistan is light years ahead of this woman who is embellished in top brands of the world from top to toe, all bought by black money.  Pakistani females are resolute, honest, strong and most importantly “clean”. We are not corrupt.  We are not frauds.  Our parents might have raised us on empty stomachs but with strong values and lasting moral standards.

Dr. Ahmad is someone who has been raising funds for Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital long before PTI was incepted. He brought international honors home, raised awareness with Junoon songs, and still works for Polio patients. These are due to his efforts that we are now down to 8 polio cases in Pakistan. When he started, in 2014 with Rotary, we had 306, but due to his efforts, we have 98% improvement in this field.


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Dr Samina Ahmad

If at all, had he been a “misogynist”, Dr. Samina Ahmad, a very seasoned doctor and the founder of SSGWI (Salman & Samina Global Wellness Initiative), must have come out in public with the same accusations as his wife. It’s not an explanation but an information for those who can’t differentiate between horses and donkeys.

If his guitar is suffocating the corrupt mafia of PML-N, then let it be. That’s how powerful musical notes can be.

There is no denying the fact that sexist attitudes permeate our culture. But this time the sexism is coming from those female cronies of PML-N who insist that their leader, fraud Maryam Nawaz who forged legal documents and presented these in the court, is a holy cow despite being shady and fraudulent.

This mawkish insistence on feminine innocence does no service to women.Females should be treated as human beings with a capacity for corruption and violence (Maryam Nawaz got immense), and to be held equally accountable for their actions.

Let us not confuse identity politics with the corrupt political identity of Maryam Nawaz. Don’t let this discourse of corruption and paid narrative-building to be transferred to the next generations. We need to rise above the sexes and genders, and above our equitable interests and to be a Pakistani first, to achieve political, economic, personal, and social equality across the spectrum of genders and sexes.

Here is a note from country’s lead singer, Momina Mustehsan, in honour of Dr. Ahmad:

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Momina Mustehsin

“My dream of becoming a singer and work in this industry started from when i was about 4. Since then i had not only been working on myself but also trying to find a way through which i could enter the music industry not only in a prominent but also respectful way. As i grew older i realised that it isn’t as easy it looks. Being a girl and wanting to step into the music industry, that as well at such a young age is mostly met with alot of criticism and discouragement. Many times I was also told that I didn’t have the face that would look good on the screens or I need to lose weight in order to “attract the audience’s attention”. I could never understand why though. When my work was to use my voice why is there a need to… lose wieght or look a certain way. Why can’t i have my own style. Then there came a point in my life where I had almost given up and right on time came Mr Salman Ahmad. A man who understood my passion and dreams. Who acknowledged my struggles and for once did not treat me like an object but like a real human being. The respect I have for him is not only because he introduced me to this industry through a platform as big as coke studio but also because he showed immense respect towards me. He was the only man who my father trusted enough to let me be with for as long as the rehearsals and even the recording lasted. I still remember that during practices and the recording, Salman Ahmed acted like protective father around all four of us girls. My respect for him sky rocketed when I witnessed the way he behaves with his wife. For all pf those who don’t know, Salman Ahmed treats his wife Samina Ahmed as his equal and with the utmost respect. I don’t understand how anyone could call such a man a “misogynist”. I think it’s high time the media realises that using strong words does not make you right.”

If being a woman or a feminist we support Maryam Nawaz for her gender, this won’t go down well with our future generations, and the cause of feminism we have been fighting for so long. Maryam Nawaz does not represent me, my mother or my daughter, and I am sure any self-respecting female won’t relate to her, in any capacity. This father-daughter duo is corrupt and deserves no respect. Period.