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Dowry Becoming A Burden For Parents In Pakistan…


Cultural burdens are increasing in Pakistan with every passing day. Since weddings are usually celebrated in Pakistan for 3 days or more, parents bear the expenses to get their children married or else face immense pressure by the society. Apart from bearing all the expenses resulting from the function, they also make sure that their daughter gets enough gifts for the groom’s family or for the home itself where she is supposed to live her future life.

Many people expect that the bride will bring in new furniture, fridge or car etc. in dowry. Whereas the same is expected from the groom’s side that a big amount of money will be given by the groom to the bride whereas, in Islam, a certain portion from the groom’s monthly income is set as a gift to the bride. However, very few people follow this rule.

This increasing trend of giving luxurious gifts to both the parties is also becoming a reason for divorce in Pakistan as demands from both the sides are snowballing, over-burdening parents and the society, as whole.

Thus, very few people pay attention to these matters and go with the flow of the society—a flow which is self-generated. Even though the new generation is now changing the cursed tradition of weddings stretched over the period of weeks to a 2-day function but still many people fear and doubt for such actions to be implemented.

In villages, the scenario is worst since marriages are only set between the parties when they both agree to trade-off how things should be done. The underprivileged people are the ones who are the real victims to such trends in Pakistan.

Also, in Islam, things are quite different but very few are aware of such good things that the religion holds. In Islam, a man is required to bear and pay all the expenses of the marriage, including Mehr to his wife.

Moreover, also disputes arise when dowry amount is not according to the expectations of both the parties thus resulting in completely cutting- off the ties.

This trends needs to be changed in Pakistan. The sooner the better or else we will fail as a society in many other matters that come along. Also, nowadays, even banks advertise on television motivating parents to take loans to bear the expenses for their children marriages putting them in great debt.