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Don’t Answer Your Past Calls

Written by: Mahnoor Zia
From the very early stage, we have been taught that time has been divided into three phases/segments i.e; past, present and future. Our life also has been roaming around these stages. In fact, these phases are life. Every being has these stages. Even though, each and every entity has these periods. Every segment has also its own time period, also have some discriminating qualities, but the universal trait of them is that they all have been passed down. Not even a single stage lingered on for nobody. But frequently, we stay behind.

We become tangled mostly in one stage which is the very first terminal of your life, the main constituent that does shape the rest of our life. Yes, this is the past. Past directs to present that further leads to the future. So the main ingredient of this phenomenon is past that hold a very prominent position in figuring one’s personality. But it also plays a fundamental role in demolition of one’s whole personality if it is not related to the high qualities recollections or memories. No one has the life free from all worries or uncertainties.

Everyone has some agonizing or burning fraction of past, but it does not mean that you should fasten yourself to this annoying event. As it is famously said that:

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

The mistake is a universal trait of all human beings. No one can claim that he is free from any blunder or he never slips anywhere in his entire life. Nobody is perfect and everyone commits some sort of blooper, however, to fix yourself with that mistake is a brutal act. As in the above cited quote it is evidently clear that every sinner has a future because no sin or mistake is greater than the ALLAH’S mercy and your guilt. As Ali Ibn Abi Talib assumed that:

How foolish is the man! He ruins the present while worrying about the future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past!

So, when your past calls don’t answer; it has nothing new to say. It always has some scary tale to tell you so that you might don’t take any step to forward.

Always learn from your past, but never read it again and again or regret it over and over again. Your past mistakes always outline your better future, but how to lead that mistake towards it is your job.

I say Astaghfirullah for my past, Alhamdulillah for my present and In Sha Allah for my future.

Always rely on your potentials and your will power. By the amalgamation of these and plus your past mistakes, experiences/ familiarity; you will be the better one of the rest of the people.

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