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Donald Trump Sued for Stirring Violence at Louisville Rally

3 people who claimed that they were assaulted at Trump rally in Louisville last month, filed a lawsuit against the billionaire, saying he “incited a riot.”

Kashiya Nwanguma, Henry Brousseau, and Molly Shah filed the lawsuit on Thursday in the Jefferson Circuit Court in Louisville, claiming that Donald Trump’s repeated calls of “get them out” at rally intended to direct his supporters to “use the unwanted, harmful physical force to remove the protesters, including the plaintiffs.”

The lawsuit also names as perpetrators the Donald Trump campaign and 3 individuals who the plaintiffs claim mugged them at the rally.

The 3 plaintiffs, all Louisville residents, stated that they suffered humiliation, emotional distress and physical injuries and are pursuing unspecified damages, acc. to the lawsuit.

“Peaceful protest is an American tradition, especially in context of presidential politics,” said the attorney for the plaintiffs, Dan Canon.

“But what you see all over country, time and time again, is the violence employed against protesters at Trump campaign events. These plaintiffs are saying ‘enough is enough,’’’ he added.

The lawsuit stated that Donald Trump stopped his 30-minute speech 5 times to point out protesters and told his supporters to “get ‘em out of here.’’

A representative for Trump’s campaign however couldn’t be reached for comment.

The lawsuit claims that Donald Trump “incited a riot as defined under the Kentucky penal code.”

The individuals named as defendants are Matthew Heimbach, described in the complaint as a Trump supporter and Ohio resident who is “affiliated with the Traditionalist Worker Party, a recognized hate group”; Alvin Bamberger, 75, described as a Trump supporter and a Ohio resident; and an unknown female.

According to lawsuit, at rally, Heimbach, who was wearing a Traditionalist Worker Party Shirt, attacked Nwanguma and Shah. The numerous protesters at Trump rally, of whom Bamberger & Heimbach were the most aggressive, assaulted Nwanguma.

Bamberger however couldn’t be reached immediately for comment.

The lawsuit also says that Heimbach assaulted Shah and that an unknown female defendant mugged Brousseau.