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Donald Trump snaps at G.W. Bush for 9/11 attacks

Over the past four days Donald Trump has posted tweets or re-tweets more than a dozen that have focused on to backup his controversial views and statement regarding president George W. Bush alleging the claims that he is responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks to some extent.

But on Monday when the Donald Trump stood up for the speech in front of the 5,000 crowd of people he did not mentioned anything regarding the 9/11 attacks.

Trump said Jen Bush, “is in favor of Common Core and weak on immigration,” to boost up the audience and he only focused with the standard repertoire on fellow republican’s crowd tested attacks. He said, “The lawmaker should focus on doing his job instead of running an unpopular campaign for president,” whereas he called Sen. Lindsey Graham so nasty.

He also criticized the other parties for they have spent more on their campaigns then he has done on his own for the sake of attracting media attention and are indebted to the big donors whereas hiring the expensive pollsters to dictate their conversations.

He supported his comments which he had made last week about the 9/11 attack and President George W. Bush but he did not discussed anything publically in the rallies and the uncontrolled environment. His comments received the mix response on the social media sites.

On Friday in an interview with the Bloomberg, the issue first came out, I which Trump said that, “the World Trade Center came down during [former president Bush’s] reign.” A quick response on the statement was seen from the Jeb Bush, the former governor of Florida that, “How pathetic for Donald Trump to criticize the president for 9/11. We were attacked & my brother kept us safe.”

Donald Trump did not said anything about the 9/11 attacks at a rally and he did not hold any press conference that night but answered to the few questions of reporters. After rally he tweeted on twitter that, “No Jeb Bush, you’re pathetic for saying nothing happened during your brother’s term when the World Trade Center was attacked and came down.”

He stood with his comments in which he had said that,  “Do I blame George Bush? I only say that he was the president at the time, and you know, you could say the buck stops here.”

On Monday night during the rally at the Civic Center of Anderson, Trump responded to the criticism of super PACs. He has been very critical over his rivals for their support from the PACs and has been accused Hillary Clinton and Bush for being very touchy with their groups. On Monday the post reported that, “Trump and his top campaign aide have connections to super PAC collecting large checks to support his candidacy, the Make America Great Again PAC.”

Trump made it clear on the Sunday night that he does not support any of the PACs who have been trying to downplay their role. Trump said that,

“The whole thing is so ridiculous. It’s ridiculous,” he added that, “Money is less of a factor because some of these guys have had money but if you don’t resonate, if you don’t get there, all of the money in the world is not going to help.”

On Monday his speech was interrupted when a woman in the crowd began shouting, “Medic! Medic!”

Trump said that, “That’s more important than all of us. Go ahead,” Trump repeatedly inquired that was the women okay. Trump said with a smile on his face that, “Oh, she just fainted. You know what? That means she’s excited… Those are my best fans — the ones that faint I love the most.”