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Donald Trump promises report on election hacking

Washington: US president-elect Donald Trump has pledged to issue a detailed report, after he is inaugurated on January 20, over Russian hacking during US presidential election campaign, the US media reported here on Friday.

The president-elect said that the report would be issued within 90 days after he enters the White House.

It is pertinent to mention here that Russia has been accused of intervening with US election process via its hackers who breached the data of Democratic Party systems particularly of Hillary Clinton.

Moreover, it has also been accused that Russian President Vladimir Putin had ordered the Russian hackers and now they are holding compromising information about Donald Trump.

On Thursday, the president-elect said Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had called him to “denounce the false and fictitious” reports of a Russian dossier against him, which were leaked to media earlier in the week, the BBC reported.

It is noteworthy here that recent reports about Russian hacking measures have deepened the rift between president-elect and US intelligence community.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump in his first news conference after being president-elect on Wednesday said that if they really had leaked the information, then this would be ‘a big discredit’ on the image of US intelligence agencies.

“That’s something that Nazi Germany would have done,” he said.

More knowingly, the Buzzfeed website published a 35-page document saying Russia has been damaging information regarding Donald Trump’s business interests and a footage of him using prostitutes during a visit to Moscow, the BBC reported quoting US media saying.

The documents also claimed that Russia also collected information from Republican-affiliated targets but had not conducted a comparable disclosure campaign, the BBC added.