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Is Donald Trump an insect?

Californian: A scientist has named a newly discovered insect as “Donald Trump.”

Dr. Vazrick Nazari, a scientist who discovered a new species of moth named it after the name of newly elected president of United States. He said that he referred the new insect after the President because the yellow white scales on the head of insect resemble Trump hair.

The full name of the moth is Neopalpa Donald Trump and is discovered by an independent discoverer of Canda. He said that till now it has been grouped among already present species but it is different from them as it has white-yellowish scales on its head. Besides, the moth also has an identified DNA profile.

Dr Virzik also said that by naming the specie after president Trump just means to drive attention o the United states public about the conservation of the fragile habitats in the United States. He also stated that some species which are not discovered yet are under great endanger and he want to put attention of the people to save them.

Virzik stated that he hoped good from the good nature of President trump and think that his administration will save the fragile habitats in US. Naming species name after famous people is not new; before it species are also named after Obama.