Dollar-Girl,Ayyan Ali, Soon to be Declared an Absconder

By Anahita Zurvan

Customs court warranted model Ayyan Ali on Tuesday to appear before the court in the dollar-smuggling case and if she fails to do so, she will be declared a fugitive.

On 15 February, uploaded a video and a corresponding report of Ayyan Ali in Dubai.

The hearing for the dollar-smuggling case in Rawalpindi’s customs court began but the “Dollar girl” Ayyan failed to appear.

During the court-hearing, the court sustained her arrest warrant but exempted her absence. The judge also made it very clear that if she didn’t appear for the next hearing, she would be subject to dire consequences.

The hearing was adjourned till March 22.

Ayyan Ali was detained at the Benazir Bhutto International airport while roaming around in Dubai on March 14, 2015 for smuggling foreign currency. Hearing against her have been started in the court, where she did not appear.

Since then, she is at the loose.

Important to note here that, lately, Ayyan Ali was in the news for her alleged relationship with the co-chairperson of PPP, Asif Ali Zardari.

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The controversy queen also got intense media attention when she posted this picture with her boyfriend (assuming) in an intimate pose for the removal of her name from ECL.

Ayyan Ali Latest Picture

Lady knows how to flaunt her curves in the skimpy-pinky attire.