Dog-meat Served in the Restaurants of KPK

Following images and videos are extremely appalling and revolting, discretion is advised. 

By Maryam Iraj

Now we are eating dog meat because donkey meat was just not enough for our appetite. Food adulteration is a common and an ever-increasing phenomenon across the world. And this time KPK falls victim to this harrowing mafia.  We are not giving you this news on a tip-off rather providing you with the extremely gross images of slaughtered dogs.

Being a Baaghi, we need to inform our readers against every odd, especially of the food they are consuming. Its not only about the horrific idea of eating a canine, considered as man’s best friend, but the serious health hazards it is posing. Dogs are usually shot to death or poisoned before being butchered, or boiled alive. In either of the cases, it is of extreme health concern if we are consuming poisoned meat, be it of any.

According to a source, this business has been on for the past five years. The question which arises is why it went unnoticed for such a long time from the eyes of the competent KPK police, it leaves a big question mark on their credibility. And someone needs to be held accountable for this.

Dog-meat “Karahis and Biyanis”

In 2010, a case was reported in Okara where police caught two-brothers heading a ring of butchers selling hundreds of kilos of contaminated meat to various cities in the province on a daily basis.

In KPK, police raided many restaurant selling dog-meat dishes, dog-biryani, bog-karahi,dog-kebab, dog-tikka, in the name of goat and sheep meat.

I am embedding these sickening images to let you the gravity of the situation. This is not just a news of few minutes-read, it’s matter of your life. The health of your younger ones is at stake:

A dog boiled alive and skinned in KPK for cooking.
This is how it is dished out.
Police officials disposing-off dog-meat dishes.
Boys arrested during a KPK police raid making “dog-tikkas.”

These young boys, wittingly or unwittingly, were determined as accomplices in this nauseous business of selling the dog-meat. May be it is the unemployment, illiteracy or the ignorance of these men which brought them to this point but we hold those responsible in power to detect this, to stop this at an early stage. To seek answer for “who is doing it” is just not enough, it won’t solve the riddle. We should also ask the question why are they doing it. We need to look for bigger questions, bigger leads in this heinous business , these boys are just cog in the wheel. Arresting them won’t solve the issue.

Dogs, in KPK, as livestock.

In 2015, two butchers from Karachi were arrested for selling dog-meat to cafes and restaurants. But during the police raid, people who poisoned or shot the dogs managed to flee and only the accomplices were arrested.

KPK Police raiding the restaurant which sells dog-meat.

The curse of eating dog-meat is common in South Korea and in China,Yulin, where this business is not only carried out openly but also celebrated. In Yulin, China, and in South Korea, dogs are not categorized as food but as livestock.

May be, it is one of the perks of CPEC, to eat dogs as they (Chinese- our future colonial masters) consider it an exotic food.

One needs to be very careful while eating out. How low we shall stoop in our ethics and how far we would go to disrespect life with our debauchery and ignorance.

It’s an open question to all who got souls!